Driving Lessons & Packages

We offer Single Driving Lessons and Multi-Lesson Packages, so no matter what your budget or requirements…we’ve got you covered.

Our Test Day Package is perfect if you have the required log book hours and just need to brush-up & fine-tune before going to PASS your test.

You can learn to drive in either a Manual or Automatic car, both with a 5 star ANCAP rating and dual controls.

Your qualified driving instructor, Jane Dawson, is experienced in teaching students of all ages (and those who are particularly nervous) to drive safely and pass their driving test with confidence.

Northern Beaches Driving Lessons


Each lesson is 1 hour long, however you may book either 1 or 2 hour lessons together depending on your needs.

Each lesson with a qualified instructor counts for 3 hours in your log book, unless it’s a night lesson where you can only count 1 hour. The other 2 get carried over to your day hours.

10 instructor hours = 30 log book hours

Notice: If you wish to Cancel a Lesson Please see Cancellation Policy

Nervous Drivers

Driving Lessons Nervous Drivers
Don’t let nerves get the better of you.  Some nerves are good; however, some can take over and prevent you from doing the things you really want to. What can Jane do for you, to enable you to pass your test confidently?

  • Assist you to feel comfortable with the car
  • Help you plan your lessons, so you get the most out of your lessons and your money!
  • Give you strategies to help you manage and calm your nerves on the lessons leading up to the test and on test day

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Overseas Drivers

Driving Lessons Overseas Drivers

You can drive on your overseas driver’s licence for up to 3 months, after this you must apply for a NSW Licence. These are the conditions:

You have a current overseas licence.

You have not been disqualified from driving anywhere previously and not had your licence suspended or cancelled.

You carry your driver’s licence on you at all times whilst driving.

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Mature Drivers

Driving Lessons Mature Drivers
Your qualified driving instructor, Jane Dawson, has extensive experience in teaching students of all ages to drive safely and pass their driving test with confidence.

Jane is very patient and down to earth, her great teaching style will assist you to become a confident driver, no matter what your age.

We can also give you advice about accessories and aids which can make driving easier, such as mirror extensions.

Any Questions?

Call or Text Jane on 0426 688 156 or Submit an Enquiry

Top Tips for your Test!

Signalling –  don’t forget to indicate for a substantial amount of time

Observation – remember to check your mirrors and blindspots

Stop Signs – keep an eye out for these and make sure you stop before the line

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Getting Your L’s!

Ready to Go – if at least 16 years old you can take the Driver Knowledge Test

After Passingbook lessons with us to gain the skills & hours towards a P1 licence

Special Rules – ensure you know the rules for L platers to avoid losing your licence

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